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Our Process


At present we have two Stenter machines, ten chamber, six jigger machines, eight beam Dyeing machines, eight jet dyeing machines, two dram washer machines, one dryer machines, one steam boiler (4tph), one thermopack (1000u) and total 130 workers are working with us. we are providing dyeing service for all type of clothes like nylon, cotton, curtains, net, G.P.O etc..

Processing capacity of about 1,50,000 meters per day.

Nylon Gray Cloth

First of all, Nylon Gray Cloth is being received from the various parties. It is being distributed individually and length and width are measured in the gray department.



Oxalic Acid Treatment

It is nothing but weight reduction process, In this, dust and scales is being removed with the help of oxalic acid and other detergents.



Stenter & Thermosetting

Dyed fabric coming from jet dyeing machin is being then taken to stenter machin where thermosetting is done at 180 c to 190 c for 30 to 40 seconds, which provides dimensional stability to the cloth. The operation is being continuous.




At last, the fabric is then allowed to the Folding Machine for measuring and sorting. Then, the fabric is ready for dispatched.



Washing & Scouring

In Jet Dyeing Machin, cloth is washed & Scouring is done with alkaline media of Na2S2O3 & NaOH. In Scouring process lot of natural & superficial dirt, oil-strain, soiling etc are removed.



Dyeing & Bleaching

Coloration process is the next step where the fabric is being bleached & dyed at temperature 120 c to 130 c for 25 - 35 minutes in jet Dyeing Machin. Application of dispersing agents, dyes and auxiliaries is done. Here, application of whitening agent is donee in jet dyeing to import white color on the cloth.




After dyeing, fabric is being subjected to finishing with the help of finishing agents. It is done as per customer's requirement.



Our Skills

  • Cotton and Polyster Paper Less Dyeing
  • Nylon Dyeing
  • Scauring


Working Hours

Group Companies

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Shree Chakradhar Sizers
Vasudev Synthetics Crape Unit
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